Security and Automation

This is not your grandad's security system! You don't have to put up with someone pushing a standard two door and three motion sensor package at a high price. Now, you can have peace of mind and the convenience of a vast array of smart home or automation options.

With the click of a button on an app you can turn on the lights, disable the alarm, unlock the doors, set the thermostat, open the garage doors or gates, change camera modes, turn on the coffee maker and so much more! You can even set-up custom rules to make things happen, such as, closing the blinds when the sun gets too hot in the afternoon.

TEXAS Security License #B26291501
ARKANSAS Security License #0002990
Commercial Solutions

Providing solutions to help your business thrive is in our DNA.  Click below to learn some of the ways we can help your business or organization

Residential Solutions

You can trust the company that is trusted by law enforcement for their own systems.  Click below to learn some of the ways we can make your life easier and bring peace of mind.

Wellness Solutions

PROCOM Wellness offers a secure and cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security and comfort.

Access Control

Do you need to control access to areas or just know who is coming and going?  We can help with a simple remote controlled lock or an entire access control system.

Video Monitoring

PROCOM can provide affordable video solutions ranging from a video doorbell to full property monitoring or process control.  Our can be configured with onboard analytics to provide intelligent notification

Energy Management

Who doesn't like to save money.  It's even better to save money automatically.  We can automate your thermostats, lighting, window shades, smart irrigation, and even turn off the water to your house if a leak is detected.

GPS Tracking Fleet Management & Asset Control

Resource Tracking and Management Platform Intro

Serviced Locally

GPS tracking platform meets Mobile Resource Management - Build your all-in-one solution to tackle any business challenges. Do you need once a month reports for IFTA compliance or real time information to manage and dispatch your fleet. You are not limited to just tracking vehicles and assets. You can also turn customer orders into clear tasks and routes. Track locations, manage workflow, collect data with mobile forms and put it to use right away. Benchmark results, forecast trends.

Most Intuitive Interface
1200+ Devices Available (including Video)
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FleetGuard PRO by PROCOM: 
PROtecting Your Fleet Has Never Been Easier

Watch as Marc with PROCOM shares the advantages of an Integrated GPS and Dashcam for managing your fleet.

Unleash the Power of Integration 

Imagine a system where all of the key vehicle and driver data and video you want to monitor, measure, automate, and track, is available on a single console and accessible from anywhere — your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

That's FleetGuard PRO, the new Integrated GPS and Dashcam system from PROCOM. FleetGuard PRO lets you manage your fleet, increase operational efficiency, save time and money, and better protect your business against potential risks, accidents, and legal liabilities, right from the palm of your hand.

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Nationwide PTT Two-way Radio
Nationwide Two-Way Radio

Instant communications without restrictions!  Radios, smartphone app, and PC dispatcher that will work anywhere with cell or Wi-Fi signal.  These radios can be connected to private radio systems to get the best of both worlds.

With unlimited channels, your workforce can have instant, private communications and management can maintain situational awareness.  GPS tracking will allow you to monitor your workforce for efficient scheduling.

Unified Cloud Communications - Succeed with the
New Hybrid Work Model

To ensure simplicity, business-centricity, and flexibility, your hybrid work model communications solution will need to seamlessly integrate multiple tools into one manageable solution. And to accommodate your employee’s needs and workplaces and ensure they can take care of customers from wherever, leveraging the cloud is a must-have.

Phone System, Phones, & Desktop and Mobile Applications

For communications that don’t care where you are but that ensure customers always do.

Secure File Storage & Collaboration

With antivirus protection, too, so your documents are safe while multiple workers edit them.

Virtual Meetings & Screen Share

When you want a more human connection without having to travel.
Quick, Easy, and Simple Communications

Two-way radios and systems from PROCOM can help your organization communicate in the building, around town, all over the county, or more.  Supervisors are able to maintain situational awareness while personnel are more effective at getting things done.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Are cell phones dead in your building?  PROCOM can provide booster systems for any size and type of building.  We can provide simple systems or custom engineered systems that are guaranteed to provide full coverage.


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